Pre School Program

Parent Guide for Pre School

Adirondack Enrichment's Pre School program philosophy is to provide a warm, loving, rich learning environment for all children, promoting independence and confidence while meeting individual needs.

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2-3  Year Old Toddler Class: Monday and Friday 9:00-11:00 am

3-4 Year Old Class: Tuesday and Thursday.  8:45-11:30 am (An option for a third day on Wednesday)

3-4 Year Old Class: Tuesday and Thursday 9:15-12:00 am (An option for a third day on Wednesday)

Pre Kindergarten Curriculum: 4 -5 Year Old Class: Monday-Friday 12:30-3:00pm

All classes are taught by a Master level School Teacher


Sample Daily Schedule for Each Group

8:45-9:30     Arrival/ Choice Time

After children take care of belongings, they have free choice of activities in the interest areas of the classroom. It is a time of self guided play and social interactions. Theme related books, dramatic play, fine motor activities, process art, and sensory experiences are provided.  

9:30-9:45    Circle Time

After welcoming friends to school, the current classroom theme is introduced and discussed. Name recognition, attendance, classroom jobs, songs, and stories within the theme are part of circle time. Calendar and weather activities are included in the 4 yr. old classes.

9:45-10:00        Snack Time

Teachers sit with children and lead discussions related to the theme, season, or weather. Independence, manners, and language development and standards will be focused on during snack.

10:00-10:05    Movement, songs, and dance to get the wiggles out before Story Time.

10:05-10:20        Read-aloud Time

New stories are introduced or familiar ones reread. Children are actively involved with the stories through whole body actions, making predictions, and answering questions.

10:20-10:55    Center Rotation

Children rotate between theme-based centers that will include English Language Arts (i.e. books, writing, drawing, coloring, Math/Science/Social Studies. Skill focus will be cognitive, fine motor, social and language development.

11:00-11:25   Outside Choice Time

Children use playground toys and equipment and activities related to the theme to promote large-muscle development.

11:25-11:30          Good-bye Circle

We talk about the day, including each child’s highlights of the day. We sing good-bye.

4 Year Old Class will run the same with focus on Kindergarten Readiness.


Our program curriculum will include, as per *NYS Standards, English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science and Technology (MST), Arts and informally pulled from the Standards, we will incorporate Social Studies, Health and Physical Education.

These areas will be incorporated and addressed using a Theme-based, Center-based approach in a nicely structured, developmentally appropriate environment. The schedule will allow for activities in several ways: free and structured, small/large group and individual, guided and independent, adult and child directed and indoor/outdoor.

The center-based environment easily allows for all skill areas (speech/language, fine/gross motor, cognitive, social-emotional and self-help) and specific goals per child to be addressed. Because of the natural, age appropriate environment and activities provided, children will experience and have opportunities to develop their language, self-help and social skills on an ongoing, daily basis.

Behavior Management

We know and understand that both good and bad behavior happens for a reason. We also know that children learn self-control when they are treated with dignity and respect. Establishing clear, consistent and fair rules for classroom behavior will help children know what is expected.

Techniques that will be utilized are to redirect children's behavior or activity, guide children to resolve their own conflict, listen when children tell their feelings/frustrations and remind children of the rules. Remind them of what is and is not okay then guide them to make different decisions.

Behavior management will be viewed as a way to shape and improve a child's behavior to more socially appropriate ways.


We will assess children on an ongoing basis through observation and documentation to ensure progress. We will have open and ongoing communication with families via phone, email, face-to-face or notebooks. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with us 2 times a year to review their child's progress.

Tuition Schedule

$50.00 Non Refundable Registration fee for all children due with Registration Form

2-3 Year Old Class:  Monday and Friday $90.00/month

3-4 Year Old Class: Tues/Thurs $125.00/month

3-4 Year Old Class: Tues/Wed/Thurs $160.00/month

4 -5 Year Old Class: Monday-Friday $245.00/month

Tuition is Due for the September by August 1st.

Tuition is due the first of each Month



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